About Us

Who We Are

Community-Minded, Community-Backed

Stone Studio is a family-owned and operated pottery studio founded by Jennifer & Brad Hooker.  Our Stone Studio community is made up of a team of local makers, coffee lovers, musicians, students, free thinkers, explorers and our fair share of studio dogs that come in all shapes and sizes.  

To run a production pottery studio, it takes a tribe of devoted makers, studio hands and interns to keep the production cycle moving.

Jennifer is a seasoned potter with her own line of ceramic homewares who has a passion to share her knowledge of clay with those wanting to explore their creativity.  Together with a team of amazing makers from the region, with a diverse range of skills and experiences, Stone Studio welcomes people from all walks of life to come and gather as we share knowledge, grow together and create friendships that last a lifetime.

How Stone Studio Started

Don’t forget to breathe.

Stone Studio exists to give people in the local community the chance to disconnect from their busy lifestyles and reconnect with themselves.  

We offer an inclusive space where people can escape from their busy lifestyles and be inspired and encouraged to express themselves, be nurtured and supported in developing a new creative skill set and find meaningful human connections with like-minded people.

Our goal is to offer a creative sanctuary where the local community can catch their breath and leave feeling more confident and connected.

No matter if you consider yourself creative or not, we are committed to your creative journey.

Why We Exist

At Stone Studio, we believe that ditching your iPhone and doing something creative while being part of a vibrant local community is the best thing a person can do for their health, well-being and general outlook on life.

Our vision is to create a space where individuals can disconnect from their busy lifestyles, reconnect with themselves by learning a new skill and build confidence through creativity.

Whether you are new to clay or an experienced potter, we are committed to your ceramic journey.

What Makes Us Unique

Home of Clay

At Stone, we pride ourselves on being the home of clay. We have beginner workshops for all ages and skill levels.  Our introductory classes and courses are hosted by local makers with decades of experience that are eager to share their knowledge of the timeless process that is clay making.

For those who have been working with clay for some time, and want to explore a new dimension of what ceramics has to offer, we also offer intermediate to advanced specialty workshops and courses with various makers that have often spent a lifetime devoted to their craft. 

Stone Studio operates with an open door policy where people from all walks of life are invited to enquire and welcomed into a warm and friendly creative environment designed to nurture and build confidence.  We encourage individuals to use their newfound skill set as a vehicle to explore originality and ignite their souls.

What We Offer

Dirty Hands, Light Hearts

At Stone Studio, we are a fully functional pottery studio offering a variety of pottery experiences, studio memberships, a kiln firing service and a makers supply store.

Clay & Sip -  Social events designed to let creativity run wild.

Pottery Classes - Introduction classes designed to make functional ceramic vessels.

Pottery Courses - Multiple structured workshops designed to develop fundamental techniques.

Memberships - 7-day access to a fully functional production studio where you can explore your creativity.

Firing Service - We offer a no-wait, cone-6 kiln firing service for local ceramic makers wanting to move their work through the firing cycle.

Maker Store - Your one-stop shop for Pottery tools and supplies and to shop from a curated mix of local brands and makers.

Our Studios

We operate two pottery studios on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Our Kingscliff studio is open from 6:30-2pm every day and is equipped with six pottery wheels, a communal hand building table, glaze kitchen, slab roller, kiln and plenty of work in progress for you to be inspired.

Our Currumbin Waters studio is open from 7am-2pm every day and is equipped with 12 pottery wheels, two large communal hand building tables, a glaze kitchen, large slab roller, extruder, three kilns and a maker's store.

Our Cafes

Good Coffee, Great Vibes.

Proudly serving the Gold Coast's own, Therefore Coffee. We love turning the machine on for our friends, family and local community.  Offering a wide selection of single origin roasts, we are proud advocates of Therefore Coffee's Brew Good, Do Good initiative.  

Along with our coffee we offer a selection of sandwiches, bagels, pastries and treats, intended to leave you feeling electrified and satisfied.  

Keep an eye out for our North County Makers Market and Swapmeet. Where you will be treated to curated mix of makers' stalls, handmade goods and vintage vendors who all share our love of good tunes, good mates and a plenty of good shit.

Come on down and have a cup of joe, we’d love to show you the studio.

Our Maker’s Store

 Pottery Supply & Handmade Goods

In search of the Gold Coast best pottery supply store?  Look no further.  We are pleased to offer a wide variety of functional pottery tools, materials, glazes and studio equipment.  We can show you our range of Shimpo pottery wheels, slab rollers and kilns, all available for purchase if you are fitting out your home studio.  

We stock a tight selection of stone ware and midfire clay from Keans, Walkers, and Stoneworks along with a selection of Mako glazes.

Looking for a pottery kit?  We have those too, click here.

In addition to pottery supplies, we also offer a curated range of hand made ceramics by local makers and a selection of books, homewares and coffee equipment. Perfect gifts for that special someone.

You can shop store online here.