Looking to get your pottery fired?

Hooked on pottery but don’t have a kiln? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We are proud to offer full-service kiln firing at our Gold Coast studio.

What We Offer

Bisque Firing

The first firing for all types of clay where the clay transforms to porous ceramic.


Weighed and invoiced post-firing.

What’s Included

  • Bisque firing to 1000° C (Cone 06)

Available At

  • Currumbin Waters


The application of a thin layer of glass to your bisqueware.


Weighed and invoiced post-firing.

What’s Included

  • Waxing and glazing of your work in your choice of in-house studio glaze

Available At

  • Currumbin Waters

Glaze Firing

Once glazed, work must be fired to maturity, meaning the clay vitrifies and glaze melts.


Weighed and invoiced post-firing.

What’s Included

  • Glaze firing to 1250° C (Cone 6/7)

Available At

  • Currumbin Waters

Not sure where to start? Click here to learn more about the firing & glazing process.

Why fire with Stone?


Fill out the form and drop off your work. We’ll text you when it’s ready.


Fired and back in your hands within 7-14 days of dropping it off.


We’ll have your work grouped and waiting for you upon collection.


Your work is safe with us. We treat every piece as if it was our own.


We ensure our kilns hit the same temp every time.

How does it work?


Review T&C’s

Firing can be risky business. Please take a moment to read through what we require of our customers before dropping off your work.

Read Now

Fill Out The Form

All work must be accompanied by a completed Firing Intake Form. Please download the form below to submit alongside your pieces. Copies are also available in the studio.

Download Form

Drop Off

We are open for drop-off seven days a week from 6am - 1pm. Please note, all greenware must be bone dry prior to being dropped off.

Get Directions

“I’ve used many firing services, none have been as quick and easy as Stone. They are so reliable every time. I totally trust them.”

- Lisa Hu, Local Ceramic Artist


What temperature do you fire to?

How long is the turn around?

Do you offer full kiln hire?

What do I need to know before dropping off my work?

Can I pay extra to have my work rushed through?

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