Meet the maker: Someday Candles

by Emma Lamkin

Someday is the creation of Antonia. Designed and hand made with natural ingredients, Someday live by a slow made and transparent philosophy, designing unique candles for every occasion. Now stocked in select florists and boutique stores across Australia, you’ll also find a selection of Someday pillar candles available to shop in Stone Studios. 

We love the Someday candles so much, we decided they needed a workshop of their own, dedicated to styling pillar candles with a handmade ceramic candle stand. Explore the Stone Studio x Someday Candle Stand workshop, book in to make your own candle stand with clay and once glazed and fired you’ll walk away with two ceramic candle stands and your choice of two Someday pillar candles - perfect for styling on the Christmas dinner table.


In celebration of our workshop collaboration, we sat down with Antonia to learn a little bit more about her, the brand and of course, the candles.

Antonia from Someday

When did you start Someday?

Someday started in Sep 2019 with the purpose of using good ingredients, as I was becoming continuously frustrated whenever I looked at the ingredients list of my favourite scented candles. 

How did you get into candle making, was it a skill you picked up or learnt from someone?

I am self-taught.  After reading up on the art of candle making online, I made many batches of candles, tested, tried and cried, until finally I had a winning formula for making our scented soy candles.  

From then I knew I wanted to create a range out of 100% beeswax, but I didn’t want to use generic moulds that were out in the market which anyone can get, so I found a mould maker and worked with her to create our unique candle shapes. 


Tell us a bit about how your candles are made?

I hand make all the candles myself, in a little studio in my home located on the Surf Coast in Torquay, VIC, I moved down at the end of last year from Melbourne.

The Beeswax sculptural candles are all designed by myself, moulds are made by a beautiful lady in Sydney for me and all are unique shapes to Someday (except the Taper Candlestick which is a classic shape).


What frustrated you about the other candles on the market which then led to starting your own candle making business?

There were two things that frustrated me, soy blend candles and packaging. I was constantly seeing candles being made from a soy blend, which could mean the soy was blended with paraffins (a by-product of petroleum), this was something I didn’t want to burn in my home, so that’s when I started making candles from 100% soy.

When the idea to start Someday came about, I also made a conscious decision around our packaging to be recyclable and simple, as the colourful packaging that many candles come in seems like a waste, as I would just throw it away when I got home. 


What do you attribute your business success to?

I think Someday has succeeded so far, because I have followed my own path and stuck to creating new unique shapes for our candles as well as using natural ingredients like beeswax. 

I have also been authentic and transparent to my customers about what’s in our products, so the customer’s purchasing decision is made easier. 


What's your current favourite candle colour at the moment?

I absolutely love the colour Sage, it’s such a beautiful deep green colour, perfect for this time of year. 

Sage Wave Pillar Candle 

As a busy business owner, how do you take time out for yourself to unwind?

It’s so hard to find time for myself, but I always make sure I take a midweek bath, light some candles and read a good book. 

I’m also actively blanking out weekends in my calendar, so I spend time with family and friends, going for hikes, eating good food or even jumping on a plane and exploring somewhere new. 

 Relax and unwind with candles and a bath

What's next for Someday?

After this busy Christmas period getting our wholesaler orders out, I will be taking 1-2 months off. I haven’t had a proper break since I started 3 years ago, I’m looking forward to recharging and getting some inspiration. 

Then next year I will be launching another new shape in the Beeswax range and exploring some new candle scents to add to our Scented Soy range.

 Candle Workshop - Book Now!

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