Welcome to the Mum's Club

by Meg Marlow

Welcome to the Mum's Club, a Stone Studio, The Bud Club and IQ Studio collaboration, just in time for Mother's Day. 

Three Mums & small business owners have come together to give you the ultimate Mum's afternoon off, filled with bevies, blooms, live music and lots of Clay Play. While our Gold Coast Studio is closed, join us at Room By IQ Studio for this exclusive three-hour class, where we will walk you through how to construct a hard slab vase. Whether you prefer a squiggle or mountain shape-vase, we'll be there to help make your vision come to fruition. Plus, receive a complimentary Mother's Day bouquet, courtesy of The Bud Club. 

In celebration of this special event and all the Mum’s we love, we sat down with the three women who came together to make it possible. Jennifer, Stone Studio Founder, Justine, The Bud Club Founder and Isabelle Room By IQ Studio Founder, share what a day in the life as Mothers and small business owners looks like, plus what it means to them to see other women in business supporting each other.

Mum's Club for Mother's Day at Stone Studio with The Bud Club and IQ Studio


Jennifer Stone Studio Founder

Q: What does a (working & mum) day in your life look like?


A: Even though we try to follow a routine, every day ends up looking a little different! During the week, we will usually wake up, have brekky at home, and then Charley will either head to daycare or to his nan's for the day.


I'll then head up to our Miami studio for the day. Around 3pm, either myself or Brad pick up Charley and head home for our usual dinner and evening routine. Sometimes, after he goes down, I'll do a bit more work in the evening. I try to take Thursdays off as a special Mum & Charley day, and we try our best to have at least one weekend day off as a family to do something that fills up our cups. We'll usually head down to the beach or the river for a swim, or maybe take the boat out! 


Q: Are there any challenges you face as a first-time mum and owning your own business? 


A: Yes, definitely! As the owner of a small business, you wear all of the hats. The biggest challenge I faced was navigating how to step away from the business while we brought little Charley into this world. 


Luckily, we were able to find and hire an amazing Studio Manager who took over a lot of the responsibilities that I had previously held. But we definitely had to plan this well in advance, so that she had enough time to train and feel comfortable in the role before I could step away. That being said, I was never really able to fully step away. I still remember answering emails from the hospital bed a few days after my c-section while little Charley slept, haha. But it's all part of it. I wouldn't change a thing. 


Q: What does it mean to grow your business and family alongside each other?


A: It means our whole staff and all of our customers know Charley because he's been coming with us to the studios since he was just a couple of weeks old! It's so wonderful. He gets so excited to go "to work" and has built some really strong relationships with some of our staff and customers (and our customer's dogs, haha). 


Q: What does it mean for you to see women in business supporting one another?


A: Being a new mum is a wild ride. Being a new mum and owning a small family business is twice the ride! I think it's so important to be supportive of other mums in business. For example, if we have to reschedule a meeting three times because our bubs are sick, it's all good! There's no judgement on either side because we just know how it is.


 Mum's Club at Stone Studio with The Bud Club and IQ Studio


Isabelle IQ Studio Founder


Q: Can you share a little about how ‘Room by IQ Studio’ came to be?


A: I just kind of fell into it! It was my old office & I love interiors and decorating… Soon people wanted to shoot there & it just became more and more popular! I then moved offices and IQ Studio began as its own little business!


Q: I understand you also run your own women’s fashion label, what does a (working & mum) day in your life look like?


A: Yes! Very very busy!!! I am a very early riser. I like to get up & get the day started at 4am! I either move my body or get started on work while the house is quiet. Depending on the day I get Rumi ready for kindy, her nannies or she is with me! I will then head into the office. 


Everyday is different when you’re a business owner which is incredibly fun and challenging! What I love about my businesses is I get to do what I love, my creative outlet is creating / designing - so it doesn’t really feel like work.  I always try to be home by 3/3:30 to cook dinner or play with rumi and clean (it never stops with a toddler)!

Q: Were there any  / What were the challenges you faced, as a woman, starting your business / businesses?


A: I guess being so young not knowing how to properly run a business. I had to teach myself a lot and discover how to do budgets, marketing, be a leader – pretty much understand how to wear all the hats when you’re not good at some things. I think it’s important to have the right people around you that specialise in their specific field.


Q: Congratulations on expecting another little one! What are you most excited for in this next chapter of your life / growing your business portfolio and family alongside each other?


A: Yes one would say exciting but also SCARED! Haha. I honestly don’t even know how I could become any busier but at the same time I think it’s what you are used to! I am beyond excited to have a delicious little newborn again & of course also growing both businesses! This year they have both been flourishing so much and it’s super exciting to see where they go!


Q: What does it mean for you to see women in business supporting one another?


A: Absolutely love it! I’m all for helping each other & letting everyone be successful! More power to us women!!!


Mum's Club at Stone Studio with The Bud Club and IQ Studio 

Justine The Bud Club Founder


Q: Can you share a little about how ‘The Bud Club’ came to be? Was it always your dream to own and operate a boutique florist?


A: It was my mother’s brilliant idea… Mothers always know best right!

I guess she saw something in me that I didn’t. My mum, Michele, introduced me to her local florist Imogen, the owner of The Wild Lotus in Helensvale.

Imogen kindly allowed me to come into her retail store the following day to feel out the ropes. I washed buckets, stripped flowers and made my first bouquet. From there I started practicing out of the garage of my home and the rest is history!


Q: What does a (working) day in your life look like? - especially now that you're pregnant.


A: Every day is usually a little different depending on what jobs I have on… 

A market day starts with my alarm going off at 2:30AM. I roll out of bed, pour myself a coffee (my baby loves a long black) and drive to the Brisbane Flower Markets. I spend an hour picking out fresh flowers then head back to my studio in Mermaid Beach. 

Between 6:00AM – 8:00AM I process the flowers by stripping off unwanted leaves, trimming stems, hydrating and placing the flowers into our fridges. 

Whilst the flowers take a drink and re-hydrate, I look over my orders for the day which could be online gift bouquets, subscription clients or special events. Online orders are sent out with our couriers and then I hit the road to refresh our subscription clients around the Gold Coast.

I usually finish my day around 2:00PM and head home to get horizontal on the couch since I’ve been pregnant haha! Then do it all again!


Q: Were there any / What were the challenges you faced, as a woman, starting your business? 


A: I can’t say being a woman has created any struggles for me in my business thus far… however I can imagine navigating motherhood and owning my own business is going to present some challenges along the way no doubt haha!


Q: What are you most excited for in this next chapter of your life / growing your business and baby alongside each other?


A: Oh my goodness it is such an exciting time!

I can’t wait to start my own family and create a safe and loving space for my little baby bud. To be able to show them what I have created and to experience the deepest kind of love. 


Q: What does it mean for you to see women in business supporting one another? 


A: It means EVERYTHING!!

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the incredible women in my life who have supported me along the way, my mother, Imogen, my friends, my clients!

To see women like Isabelle Quinn and other locals like Jodi Phillips run hugely successful businesses alongside growing and raising little humans is so inspiring!! It is what gives me the courage and drive to venture down that road myself. 

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